New Product Warranty

Your new Panasonic Toughbook or Toughpad and accessories are warranted by Panasonic, not If you suspect your product may be defective or malfunctioning please contact our technical team first at (888) 575-4765 or so that we may assist you in finding a possible solution. In many cases, a simple phone call can result in a satisfactory solution. If our assessment finds that your product is defective or malfunctioning then the repair must be handled directly with Panasonic at 1-800-LAPTOP5 (1-800-527-8675). 

To find the warranty on your product please visit our knowledge base and select the applicable product. Select the Operating Instructions and scroll towards the end of the document until you see the Warranty information.

Most Panasonic Toughbooks and Toughpads  generally have the same warranty:


Three Year Parts and Labor from Date of Purchase


This includes items like pens, DVD players, AC adapter and batteries - One year

Panasonic also offers extended warranties of up to five years which include accident coverage. Contact our technical team at (888) 575-4765 or for more information.