Special Orders Policy

ToughOutlet.com gladly accepts special orders for new Panasonic Toughbooks and Toughpads. Please read this page carefully as it outlines our policies and what you should expect if you want to special order a new laptop, tablet or handheld. ToughOutlet.com believes in complete transparency on special orders to help alleviate any false expectations or miscommunication.


Expect the arrival of your laptop, tablet or handheld in two to four weeks after submission of the order. Don’t be fooled by our competitors who tell everyone that your order will arrive in two weeks, you will be disappointed. The vast majority of all orders fall into the two to four week delivery time. Very few make it in two weeks and some do take up to four weeks but the vast majority fall somewhere in between so please consider that when ordering your item.


We do require a refundable deposit of 20% on any special order. The remainder will be due when the item is ready to ship. We will notify you when your item is ready to ship and will release the item to be shipped upon receipt of the balance.