Trust and transparency are important to us. We don’t charge hidden “processing fees” and we’re very open about our policies which we highly recommend you read here. 

At our core, ToughOutlet.com has decades of experience with Panasonic Toughbooks and Toughpads. The owners of ToughOutlet.com and many of our team members have either been previous owners of other Toughbook retail sites or worked for Toughbook retailers who were doing it wrong and have banded together to create a company that provides the highest level of information and the best product that is available.

Our highly skilled technicians have honed their skills through our extensive refurbishment process with many refurbishing thousands of Toughbooks and Toughpads giving them a skill set second to none. That’s right, at ToughOutlet.com we refurbish our own Toughbooks and Toughpads unlike many of our competitors who rely on third-party refurbishers to provide them with stock. 

By now you’ve probably visited at least one or two of our competitor’s sites and may have noticed something, it sure is hard to get even the most basic information about Toughbooks and Toughpads. No product sheets. No manuals. But not here. We have a Knowledge Base that is the envy of our business. We also have an extensive library of videos that pertain to how your Toughbook or Toughpad works.

Want to know what processors were available on the Toughbook CF-30 product line? We’ve got that. Check here.

How about what Wi-Fi was available on the Toughbook CF-19 product line? We’ve got that too. Check here.

And we go beyond that. The Toughbook CF-19 production ran for nearly 10 years and came with various speeds of USB. You might even want to know what the speed of those USB ports is. We’ve also got that. Check here.

We’ve even got the MIL-STD ratings for each Toughbook and Touchpad and we explain what MIL-STD ratings are here.

We offer Free Shipping, No hidden processing fees, and Lifetime Support.

So who are you going to trust to buy or service your Toughbook or Toughpad?